Additional Information

The NBHA was created in September 1968. Our mission is to provide opportunities to people who experience barriers to housing because of income, disability, or special needs. It is our goal to fulfill that mission in an environment which preserves personal dignity and in a manner which maintains the public trust.

NBHA accomplishes its mission in several ways:

  • We provide subsidized housing for about 400 households, or approximately 1,000. people, in our community through subsidized rental properties we own or manage and through the Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers that allow people to choose where they wish to live.
  • NBHA and our community partners provide a variety of education, employment and social services to subsidized residents. For seniors and clients with disabilities, this means a safe, stable place to live and an improved quality of life. For work-able families, this means opportunities to become self-supporting.
  • NBHA provides 100 units of housing for senior and disabled citizens, and 70 housing units for families.
  • NBHA contributes to the local economy through rental subsidies paid to private landlords (more than $1million).
  • NBHA works closely with local governments and other community partners throughout Comal County to address issues of affordable housing and homelessness and help families break the cycle of poverty. All of which make our community more affordable, safer and more enjoyable for everyone.